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Technical platforms

State-of-the-art development tools are always used for all APONDOS development projects. The focus is always on the highest possible operator/user comfort and an optimal performance. The basic development platforms for APONDOS MARKETPLACE and APONDOS INSIGHT conists of PHP, MySQL and AJAX.


Although APONDOS is a standard software, its strict object orientation and modularity makes the development of functional expansions of the software possible. This makes these applications highly flexible, and it makes it possible to adapt them to your requirements with a minimum of effort. This also makes it possible for APONDOS development partners to implement your requirements. Scalable interfaces make the import and export of data a possible.

Customised designs are possible

The Database and the Online Design areas have been strictly separated from one another, by using the Smarty Template technology. This way you can integrate your individual design into all APONDOS applications, or you can connect an APONDOS application with your already existing Web presentation.


The following providers of payment services Paypal and Worldpay are currently being offered, since both of these providers are available world-wide, and because they enable automated direct debit payment facilities for membership fees, besides transaction-oriented payment procedures. A co-operation with other providers of payment services is in preparation.

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