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Basic functions in Insight

APONDOS Insight can be utilised for all new or existing Web presentations, for which a closed user group is to be established. Customers or members can register online and are thereafter assigned to a closed domain, in which special customer- or member-specific functions or information are made available, such as downloads, price lists, graphics or special events. Optionally, registration can proceed at no charge or against a fee.

APONDOS Insight is free of charge and can be updated at any time on the APONDOS MARKETPLACE.

  • Personal user manager (User menu for users, including released functions)
  • Anonymous and open message system for offerors /queriers, including history
  • Activity list (selection of chosen lists)
  • Can search in offeror and querier listings
  • Use of various search functions
  • Selection among various languages of the marketplace
  • Registration as a test member
  • Selected search functions by categories (for instance products, themes, terms)

Options and modules

Insight can be switched to APONDOS MARKETPLACE at any time.


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