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Basic functions in Insight

  • Creating, changing member, user, accounts
  • Creating, changing listings (services, offers, products)
  • Automated e-mail messages to users at registration
  • Free definition of categories
  • Creating/changing categories for listings, forms and users
  • Definition of time-limited test memberships
  • Multiple-language feature for the Insight Marketplace Manager
  • Multiple-language feature of the frontend, including language selection by users
  • Language tables for simple translation of all dialogues and contents in the marketplace
  • Form generator, for freely definable response forms
  • Listing manager (administrator function for checking and releasing new listings)
  • "Static" freely definable HTML templates for an independent design of the content area
  • Menu manager, for designing online menus
  • Captcha spam protection in the contact form, registration form and all listings (Captcha words are freely definable)

Options and modules

APONDOS Insight can be used for all existing Web presentations, for which a closed user group is to be established. Customers or members can register online and are thereafter assigned to a closed domain, in which special customer- or member-specific functions or information are made available, such as downloads, price lists, graphics or special events. Optionally, registration can proceed at no charge or against a fee.

APONDOS Insight is free of charge and can be updated at any time on the APONDOS MARKETPLACE.


  • Graphics and layout: Utilisation of stylesheets (css files) for largely barrier-free HTML
  • Graphic processing of static and dynamic webpages in HTML
  • MySQL database
  • MS-SQL database
  • Oracle database

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