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Standardised functions

You do not have to program. The most important functions of a marketplace, which are based on offer, demand and mediation processes, are already contained in the APONDOS base package. The creation or Registration of members, or of marketplace participants, invoicing and payment systems, the definition of different membership levels, member-dependent functions and authorisations, or an affiliate system for members of the marketplace, who can then recruit and recommend other members, are only a few examples of the numerous functions that are available to you in APONDOS MARKETPLACE.

Completely free definition of your contents. You are designing your own database!

You determine the content (listings) of your marketplace yourself. By using the "APONDOS Meta Table Technology"(C), all listings and forms can be freely defined. APONDOS is the first CMS application, where you can design your own database without any programming knowhow. If you, for instance, operate a real-estate portal, then you can individually define the layout and structure of individual real-estate descriptions. By using that Catalogue Manager (module), you can categorise all contents according to your own requirements.

Simplest handling of the administrator menu

By using a special APONDOS technology, you can download the master data of the marketplace with just a few mouse clicks, such as for instance products and services, or you can also adapt or change registration forms at any time. Here, too, not a single line of code has to be programmed.

Modularity throughout

Your marketplace is growing, and your software is growing correspondingly. Due to the modularity of the APONDOS MARKETPLACE, your own marketplace can grow along with rising demand. You purchase a basic module and will expand its functionality according to your requirements.

Individual modifications and modules

It occurs frequently that the integration of sector-specific functions becomes necessary. This, too, is no problem. If you require modifications or individual functions, these can be developed simply and quickly. The APONDOS concept was specifically designed to make the development and integration of individual modules possible in such a way, that the update functions of the primary application are not negatively affected. APONDOS and its development partners will gladly make you an offer in this regard.

Optimised for search engines

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming increasingly important. To make sure one is found quickly and in a good position in such search engines as Google or Yahoo, certain criteria with regard to the structure and the layout of the HTML pages must be observed. With APONDOS MARKETPLACE your offer is sure to be found.

No barriers

APONDOS MARKETPLACE has been conceived in such a way that there is no barrier to extracting the displayed web pages. This makes it possible to develop optimised pages, which can be built up more quickly and are exceedingly compatible with search engine functionalities.

You will be quicker to market

Thanks to the numerous basic functions that are already offered by APONDOS with its standard software package, an APONDOS marketplace or portal is installed very quickly. This ensures a quicker implementation of your marketplace or portal idea. Most processes proceed automatically, once the basic data has been entered and the graphic design has been completed. An installation of the basic version on an online server takes approx. 2 hours.

More cost-effective than every customised development

Since the availability of APONDOS, it no longer makes sense to develop an online marketplace or portal from scratch. The development of corresponding functionalities, which are already offered by APONDOS in a basic version, would cost several hundreds of thousands of euros, if programmed individually anew. A further advantage lies in the stringent modularity of APONDOS software. If you require a special function or application for APONDOS, such as for instance a sector-specific functionality, it will usually be quite simple to develop this from the existing modules and to integrate it in the running system. This means that you will be provided with a customised software application at the price of a standard software package.

Do make a test still today. You can register as an end user, or as an APONDOS partner (reseller), after which you will be granted free and non-binding access to all demonstration versions and online demos. If you would like to be a development or sales partner and offer APONDOS to your customers, then please register as a partner. For further questions, please use the contact form.